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A nourishing space for Witches & Intuitives ready to incorporate the magic of cycles into their life

What is Moon Rites: Mastery & Spiritual Business

Moon Rites: Mastery & Spiritual Business is an annual membership group hosted by Inarra Aryane Griffyn. Each month Inarra hosts a Full Moon ritual and on alternate months, a New Moon or a Dark Moon ritual. There are also Q&A sessions, connection, sharing and activation/meditation to singing bowls. We also invite guest speakers, healers and experts to add their nuance to our already creative mix. This is a beautiful sacred space of connection for Soul Seekers on the path of the mysteries.

We're creating a connected space where you can come and experience rituals on  Dark, New and Full Moon, with the tides of the Moon Cycles and experience Singing Bowl activations, channelling and ritual training. For seekers of Mastery in their life and in business. We love our global connection so will run events to include West Coast USA, East Coast USA, London, Europe and also Bali & Australia. Our space is a sanctuary to visit every month and saturate yourself in deep priestess training and mythology. The circle of global visitors means we are altering the frequency on the 4 quarters of the planet. Our members are already connected to Mother Earth and to walking softly upon their path. They are experienced in business and want to bring in an extra zest of the lunar rhythms to guide their work and impact. In doing so our group are super powerful manifesters of their Destiny: Medicine Women, Healers,  Wise Folk and Witches congregate to turn the Wheel of the Year and celebrate together. We are also adept at shadow work and therefore welcome your darkness so we may transcend and walk the path of the light. This is the Shining Light Path.

Why you should join Moon Rites


In all the years of running Ritual groups I have never seen a space like this online, set up in ceremony, for every Moon. I have craved a space where I can tap into the currents and tides of the themes of the Moons and make connection with other sisters and brothers on the path. If you are practicing Moon Magic, Intention work and need space for you to recharge and get the benefit of deep work every Moon, this is for you. If you have big projects going out, want to run your business with the Moon Wisdom then this is a space to get deep business insight to make success align with joy. Those who are part of this group are already successful and are bringing in consciousness to their lives and Spiritual Paths by seeking Moon Medicine. It will give you insight when to act, when to send out energy, when to hold fast and when to let go. It’s a different approach to business and involves you experiencing deep healing so that your choices reflect the Lunar Intuition.

We are deep thinkers and feelers. We embrace shadow and light and the essence is that you will experience The Mysteries. This is the Shining Light Path.

Meet Inarra

I’m Inarra Aryane Griffyn, a High Priestess and a Business Witch. Having initiated men and women into a mystery path for the last 30 years I am now bringing Moon Rites: Mastery & Spiritual Business online. I’m warm, smart and funny so the gatherings feel like meeting old friends around a table or in a circle. My greatest pleasure is to teach ritual. I couldn’t think of a better place to be each Moon.

 Inarra is a channel for The Shining Light Path. That’s what Inarra means - Shining Light.

In a vision at the beginning of the New Earth portal of Winter Solstice 2020, I received information about how to work with highly experienced business owners and entrepreneurs. My guides requested that I now work ritual out in the open to attract and shine light on those individuals who are accelerating their healing gifts, their impact on the planet through large global projects and who needed support of a ritual path. I was asked to invite you so that my guides can work with you.

What kind of channel am I?

 In a deep healing session with my Master Teacher the much loved, recently departed, Bobby Klein, Bobby was given information about my healing channelling. Bobby is a world famous channeller and medical medium. He asked his guides to describe what my work is in channelling and they told him I’m a FINDER.  He had never met a Finder before so he asked for clarification from his guides. Bobby told me it’s the way I receive information in visual forms, sometimes of this life and sometimes of other lives, is like streaming. The info I receive when my clients work with me, can be included in their messaging, their symbols, brand and methods of being more visible. I combine business and spiritual insight. Sometimes the info pops into my 3rd eye while I’m doing sessions with clients who are receiving a guided path working to Singing Chalice.

“I never know where we are going with my singing bowl activations. I am guided as much as you are. I see the journey I am to take you on as it appears in my 3rd eye. I’m often as surprised as you are where we go on these journeys and how the healing symbols are used. It’s a co-created process and a beautiful experience.”



~ Natalia Zarawska, Tantric Sensuality Guide 


~ Maria Aleandra, Puerto Rico (recorded in the Mexican jungle!)


~ Nina Yderberg, Sweden

"This moon ritual journey has been a very deep and transformative experience for me. I entered the program with the intention to clarify my vision of a wellness resort business in Jamaica. It revealed & healed deeply ingrained trauma & corrected misguided perceptions that were draining my energy and creative power; I allowed these wounds to heal and grew beyond any imagined barriers, to pursue my business vision.

Inarra’s guided ritual journeys were immensely healing and beautiful and our one-to-one sessions helped me to develop the business vision and clear any stubborn resistance or stickiness that arouse from time to time. As a result, my wellness resort business vision has expanded, and I am pursuing the available funding options with a view to purchase the land and begin construction this year. 

I am so grateful for the support I received from Inarra and the other group members during this empowering heart-journey; this was my initiation into Moon Ritual sisterhood, and it feels like home 😊

~ Lorraine Roberts, Jamaica

Benefits & Rewards

Monthly Subscription £59/$77 per month - first month free
  • A Full Moon ritual and New or Dark Moon ritual each month
  • Q&A sessions, connection, sharing and activation/meditation to singing bowls
  • Sessions with guest speakers, healers and experts
  • You can bring your friends and we’ll give them a one month free experience of Moon Rites (value £59 / $77)
  • Invites to be part of Moon recipes, which refer to certain times of year when the energies are aligned to do some inner sanctum work - themes such as Mastery In Love, Visibility, Connection, Letting Go, Releasing Old Traumas. You will be the first to hear about them.
  • You will receive 3 videos of working with Mastery in Money and Leadership and The Queen’s Influence that are not released to the outside world. (4.5 hours of ritual training, value £369/$500)
Annual Subscription £637/$831

Whenever you work with Mastery it’s the energy of YES and therefore we reward our members who commit to a full year of rituals with the Moon. Enjoy every season’s emotional experience and receive activations to keep you deeply in tune with the cycles. This helps you understand when to launch, when to maintain, when to go deeper and when to let go. Trust yourself and work the Wheel of the Year. You get 10% off plus a private tarot reading and astrology reading worth £180

  • All of the benefits included in the monthly subscription
  • You will receive a free personal Tarot reading upon joining, with Inarra. (value £90 / $120)
  • The first 11 annual subscribers will receive an Astrology session with Maria Aleandra focusing on North & South Nodes or equivalent (value £90 / $120)

Maria Aleandra (also known as MA) is a coach, creatrix, witch and weaver of magic & mystery. She supports others through practices that help them connect with their divinity. Whether working with the moon, astrology, the Tarot, archetypes or vision-centered growth strategies, she aims to be an open vessel raising divine feminine consciousness. 

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